Saturday, May 1, 2010


On behalf of the performers, organizers and sponsors, we would like to thank you for coming to our show! We would like to hear your thoughts and reflections about the performance!

We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we have enjoyed performing it for you!

With love,

Hijabi Monologues @ OSU crew

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Concerns: Content, representation and the goals of the Hijabi Monologues

First of all, I wanted to say that the meeting last week was a very interesting one that has left me thinking. My intention was to provide answers regarding the Hijabi Monologues performance, but our interesting discussions only raised more questions.

I thought that the questions and concerns brought up in reference to the content of the monologues were valid and worth extending. Please share any question you had or have. It is also very helpful if you refer to the specific monologue in question and include the link to the video (videos can be found on This will help all of us respond to you.

Thank you all and I look forward to an exciting performance on April 30th/ May 1st.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010



We are currently looking for sponsorship from different organizations at Ohio State. Some related departments are Women Studies, Comparative Studies, Near Eastern Studies, Theatre and Folklore. We would also like to get Greek life involved in promoting out event.

If anyone knows a contact in any of the said departments (or other related departments/organizations/clubs), please contact us at to discuss the kind of sponsorship we seek.

Best regards,
HM @ OSU team

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Preliminary Meeting: Summary


This is a summary of our first meeting, for those of you who were unable to make it:

-Outreaching to different communities;
-Talking to departments and professors to encourage OSU students to attend;

-Tryout date for interested performers: 03/31/2010, Scotts Lab (we will provide a monologue)
-Performance dates: Friday, April 23rd 2010 & Saturday, April 24th 2010
-Workshop date: Sunday, April 25th 2010
**All these dates are tentative until we get confirmation from venues**

We are still waiting for:
-performance license from Avery Productions;
-approval for MSA funding; and
-reserve an on-campus venue.

Goals: Find students, especially non-Muslims, who are willing to help with the Hijabi Monologues. Diversity is such an important part of this project.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Performances: Past events and trying out with your own monologue

Here are some great clips of the monologues being performed at different events. Since the HM is a live show and is hosted by different organizations throughout the country, each performance is unique. You will notice some monologues performed more than once. These are part of the original monologues. You can try out with your own monologue on the tryout date (TBA).

"The Wedding Feast":

"I'm Tired"

An entire performance at the John F. Kennedy Center:

You can find more clips on youtube by typing "hijabi monologues" into the search box.

Join the HM crew at Ohio State: Preliminary Meeting


I have great news!

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) will bring the Hijabi Monologues (HM) to Ohio State University. The HM is a performance that retells stories that real American-Muslim women have shared. The stories are sure to stir a range of emotions, from laughter to tears. Sahar Ullah, the HM founder of the monologues describes her project with the following words:

The Hijabi Monologues is about the power of storytelling.It is about creating a
space for American Muslim women to share their voices; a space to breathe as
they are; a space that does not claim to tell every story and speak for every
voice. Through sharing stories, strangers touch and connect. Through stories, we
are challenged. Through stories, we are humanized. Hijabi Monologues: Our
stories. Our words.

WATCH THE PERFORMANCE: (This is just one performance that took place at the Kennedy Center). You can search “hijabi monologues” on youtube for more clips.

JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP!!/group.php?gid=2331917770&ref=ts

INVITE OTHERS (Muslim brothers, non-Muslim friends, masjids, and other organizations and communities on Campus) Let them know the performance is coming in April!

I would like to invite you to be part of the organization committee for this creative endeavor. As part of the HM committee, you will choose a role as:
1. Organizer: help with flyers, advertising, and community outreach, making suggestions, and setting up the actual date of the performance. Of course, you are not expected to take on all these responsibilities. Tasks would be divided.
2. Writer: The original manuscript contains 11 original stories. You can submit your own story or the story of a Muslimah you know. If you want to share your story, you don’t have to perform it. We can find a performer to do your piece.
3. Performer: You can perform one or more monologues on the day of the performance.
Remember, these roles are all flexible and will not take much of your time.

At the last halaqa, the sisters were introduced to the HM project. If you were unable to attend, we will hold our first HM meeting next week. Please give the day and time that you are available.

The HM project is not only for Muslims. In fact, it is encouraged that each of you invite a non-Muslim friend to help organize the performance. One of the missions of the HMs is to build a bridge of understanding between communities. Inviting others to take part of the Hijabi Monologues (as organizers, performers, or writers) is essential in making the performance a success. The more diverse the audience, the more power is the effect of the performance.

Send all questions and concerns to the following email address: